Zynga launches real money gambling

Zynga Inc, famous for Facebook gambling simulation games such as Farmville, launched a real money online casino on Wednesday in Britain this week.

The imminent launch was announced on 2 April earlier this week, and rocked the world of online gambling.

This is the first real money gambling venture for the group, which hired Maytal Osha, the former 888 Holding’s senior executive, specifically for masterminding the move.

The new online casino, which will host new ventures ‘ZyngaPlusPoker’ and ‘ZyngaPlusCasino’ will only be available to Zynga gamers playing within the United Kingdom. The online casino is to host a download casino, an online casino and a mobile casino, with a selection of traditional casino games such as Blackjack and poker, as well as more Zynga-inspired games.