Women online gamblers on the rise

A study done in England recently yielded surprising results – a significant portion of online gamblers are women.

The United Kingdom’s National Centre for Social Research recently conducted studies on social profiles which participated in online casino games and online casino tournaments.

The results were astounding – taking all popular betting pastimes except the National Lottery, women currently make up more than 50 percent of the gambling demographic in Britain.

This is the first time in recorded history that more than half of known gamblers in the United Kingdom have been women and, according to experts, the figures are believed to be similarly high for women in France, Australia and America.

Online casinos and tournaments have begun to take notice of this fact. For the first time since online gambling became commonplace in the past decade online casinos have put together groups and multi-player options specifically geared towards women gamers in a traditionally male-dominated spheres. An example of this would be the PokerStars Women’s League, the first online woman’s poker league in which only female players can participate.