RTG game Dream Run takes off

Realtime Gaming, online casino games creator and power supply to online casinos such as Win nPalace casino and Casino Titan, has recently released a new slot game, Dream Run.

Dream Run is a racing game in which the player takes to the streets in a snazzy souped-up car to race for riches (which can quite literally come into the player’s possession).

Dream Run seems to be doing very well on the online gaming circuit so far, according to insiders.

“Dream Run is one of the most popular RTG slots to have been released in the past year. If you look at the amount of gamers playing it online, it’s just taken off!” said online trends analyst and avid online casino gamer, Trent Fitzgerald.

The winning feature which has made Dream Run slots allegedly so popular is its bonus racing feature. Should the player get three green light symbols in a row on the reels, this is the call to race! The base game automatically gives way to a street race, in which the player can choose their own street car and enjoy an exhilarating night race along the city streets for major winnings.