Playtech to release new Samba slot game

A new Playtech slot game is to be released soon, the online casino games creator announced recently.

Samba Brazil is to be a video slot themed around the theatrical party vibe of the famous Brazilian carnival tradition, the Mardi Gras.

The game aims to give a carnival-esque theme by focussing on elements of the Brazilian dance made famous by the Mardi Gras – the Samba. All the game’s aspects reflect this, from the Samba-style music and bright colours to symbols such as fire eaters, maracas and Samba drums.

Just like the Brazilian carnivals themselves, the game is said to have a number of curiosities to draw in the crowds, such as an animated fire-eater who will breathe flames across the reels when part of a winning combination.

Samba Brazil will be available for playing at all Playtech-powered online casinos within the next month.