First-Ever Online Sportsbook to Use Bitcoin Launches Ahead of Brazil World Cup

 First-Ever Online Sportsbook to Use Bitcoin Launches Ahead of Brazil World Cup

The online gambling world has been preparing intensely for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. In particular, has emerged as a leading licensed online sportsbook. BetVIP has something special to offer bettors, though, and has taken the World Cup as the perfect opportunity to draw in customers by allowing them place bets using Bitcoins.

Started by Cape Town-based digital entrepreneur and genius Daniel Schwartzkopff, BetVIP takes wagers and pays out winnings using Bitcoins. The sportsbook only accepts operates in regulated markets.

And BetVIP has been innovative enough to cater to a growing market of mobile gamblers who can bet on a range of pre-match and in-play wagering opportunities this World Cup. There is also a match first-time deposit bonus for new players.

Perhaps seems too good to be true, and Schwartzkopff is aware of that: “ is not a public relations stunt, it is a long-term business venture,” he commented. “Our gaming license and strict bet acceptance policy demonstrates our commitment to the longevity of the currency. There is a massive opportunity to provide both a secure and reliable platform for Bitcoin holders and take on the traditional online sportsbooks.”

Schwartzkoppf also explained that his company is committed to break away the misconception that Bitcoin is an illegitimate form of payment, saying, “Given the embryonic status of Bitcoin, we understand that it is surrounded by concern and confusion. At we are determined to help the growing movement of people that want to normalize the currency and bring it into everyday use. We might trade in an anonymous currency but we are providing complete transparency and accountability in order to build trust with our players.”