New progressive jackpot feature for RTG casino

Slotastic online casino has released a new Boiling Point Jackpots feature along with its Spirit of the Inca game recently.

The feature is a first for RTG casinos, and is an icon which displays how close the player is to winning a jackpot, and alerts the player of jackpots about to trigger.

The Boiling Point Jackpots feature therefore changes the face of progressive jackpot gaming from a sport of chance and blind luck to one of calculated risk, as players can for the first time know beforehand if and when they will strike it lucky.

This feature serves well in Spirit of the Inca, which boasts five different progressive jackpots of varying sizes.

The Spirit of the Inca was released in December last year, and has seen much excitement about the Boiling Points feature – so much so that RTG is promising to use it in many proceeding games to be released this year.