New Jersey online gambling bill (A2578) set to be signed by Governor Chris Christies

Amidst growing support and increased pressure, the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christies is set to sign the bill, passed on the 17th of December 2012, to legalise online gambling within Atlantic City Casinos.

This bill, which has been backed by major players within the industry, is a reaction to the dwindling revenues currently haunting the many Atlantic City Casinos. This, along with the emerging online gambling market becoming bigger than ever and the rising costs of the Hurricane Sandy disaster, has led to increased pressure to legalise online gambling within the borders of Atlantic City.

The bill has received immense support from members of the Senate, the Federal House of Representatives and names within the casino industry, including property and casino tycoons: Donald Trump and Steve Wynn. The revenues generated by the legalisation will assist not only in the cleanup, post Hurricane Sandy, but will further increase the economy of New Jersey by creating thousands of jobs as the casinos set up new online versions within their walls.

Governor Christie has until the 3rd of February to sign the bill, a decision that many claim will bring the casino dominated city into the 21st century and bring about a new era in gambling.