New Blackjack casino security system launched

Casino security has a new secret weapon at their disposal – the Blackjack.

Security and surveillance doyennes Digital Watchdog recently announced the release of a new Blackjack IP Network video recorder developed by the company, on 14 January.

The cutting-edge technology is the first of its kind in the online casino world. Essentially a video surveillance solution, the Blackjack is a video management product which enables secure surveillance like never before, thanks to its state-of-the-art new user interface, easy scalability options and powerful cameras.

The Blackjack is a surveillance system well-fitted to any environment, but perhaps none more so than locations to do with its namesake – casinos and online casino portals. A number of nifty features on the tool make for perfect casino security software, including sophisticated motion detection, fast recording settings, unparalleled image resolution, convenient bandwidth connection and automatic device discovery.

The Blackjack IP Network Video Recorder is powered by respected security solutions aficionados DW Spectrum Video Management Software (VMS).