New 3D App a first for Microgaming

Microgaming has done it again with Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach, the first 3D mobile app specially for Microsoft Windows 8.0 and Xbox.

The new app is a free download, and is Microgaming’s first #D mobile contribution that is designed to play equally excellently on Microsoft Windows 8.0 and Xbox, opening the game’s relevance up to a whole new demographic of gamers, as it supports latest Windows phone, among other newer mobile devices.

The game introduces players to the friendly scallywag, Bronzebeard the pirate, who teaches them how to play Blackjack in a fun multi-leveled game. Players can grab Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach from the Microsoft Windows Phone Store and, soon, on Microsoft Windows 8.0 and Microsoft Xbox console.