What does it mean if a casino is licensed or not?

Only play at licensed casinos

What does it mean if a casino is licensed or not?

This may well be THE most important question asked before joining an online casino. It is no secret that whenever a profitable venture comes along, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. The online casino is no different. The great success of the online casino has meant that many people have tried to start up their own online casino business, some of these individuals are of questionable scruples and less than honest.

To help you sort the good from the bad and ensure that you are signing up for a safe and honest online casino, ALWAYS make sure that the casino holds a license.

How and where a casino license is obtained

Every safe and reputable online casino will hold a license. A casino license is the sign of a reputable online casino. Not all casino licensing jurisdictions are created equal and although a license does guarantee a basic level of regulation, some licenses are more likely to uphold a more stringent level of casino transparency in order to better protect you – the player.

Some of the most prevalent and reliable casino licensing jurisdictions that we recommend are Alderney, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

What does a license guarantee?

An online casino that holds a license from one of the above mentioned jurisdictions, guarantees that your interests will be protected. The online casino will need to comply with various regulations and ensure that their games are fair. They also need to demonstrate that they have enough funds to facilitate payouts to winning players.

When it comes to a casino dispute, the licensing authority will assist and guide you to ensure that you are awarded a fair hearing.

Although most players will never need the assistance of the licensing authorities, it is always better to play safe than sorry.