iPads make for new Vegas casino experience

A Las Vegas casino has come up with a new and ingenious way to use iPads to boost business.

Gamblers entering the Rio casino, just off of the famous Las Vegas gambling ‘strip’, will be greeted by a ‘Beverage Ambassador’ a specialised waitron who comes to gamers in their seats and takes down drinks orders on iPads.

Mac online casino fans will be impressed by the efficiency and style of this system. The beverage ambassador will come to the patron’s seat, program the order, down to specific details such as ‘neat’ or ‘on the rocks’, on their iPad, which sends the order straight to the bartender. The drink is then brought out to the patron by another person, a ‘Bevtainer’ whose job it is to both serve drinks and perform entertaining song and dance skits for gamblers while they play.

According to the casino, this use of iPads has increased traffic and even casino profits, especially with the gambler demographic which uses Mac online casinos, as they find the system novel and forward-thinking.