Internet cafes facing potential shut-down

Internet cafes in Hayward city, Kalif, are being ordered to shut down by Alameda County.

The city of Hayward has notified the internet cafes, also known as sweepstakes cafes, that the city may close them down by force soon, and hope to outlaw them entirely.

The Alameda council met on 19 February with the cafe owners and some concerned residents to discuss the issues, but no conclusive decisions have been made.

These cafes, of which there are two in Hayward, make their money from sell time on the internet along with games which allow players to win cash prizes.

According to the Alameda County, which Hayward falls into, these cafes are “illegal internet gambling sites” which “skirt gambling laws”.

Cafe owners are resisting the motion, insisting that their businesses are completely legal and that they are being victimised by the powers that be.