Gizmodo launches IOS Blackjack Strategizer App

2013 is going to be an exciting year for online gambling enthusiasts and with the rapid increase of mobile gaming, companies all over the world are rushing to offer players new and exciting ways to enjoy their favourite casino games.

One of these companies is the IOS App creators Gizmodo, who have recently released their brand new Blackjack Strategizer App that will not only teach you how to play Mobile Blackjack, but will teach you various strategies and betting techniques as well.

This is the most comprehensive Mobile Blackjack Tutorial ever released and for as little as $1.99, players can experience the thrill and the spills of playing blackjack, without ever having to step foot on a casino floor.

Features of the app include: multiple skill levels, depending on how advanced you are or want to become, a player history showing how many games were won or lost, interactive tutorials that provide instant feedback to players mid game and finally, strategy charts that will help you when to Hit, Stay or Double Down. The app will also allow players to choose between three different variants of Blackjack, namely: Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and European Blackjack.

The app will be available at the Apple iStore as well as the Gizmodo website so if you’re looking to start the new year by learning a new game, Gizmodo’s Blackjack Strategizer App can help you do it.