Casino slots are the most played casino game without a doubt. Millions of people all around the world choose to play Online Casino Slots for different reasons. It is easy to play, a lot of fun, big jackpots and with so many different varieties it is very entertaining and exciting! Try your luck at Slots at any of the Online Casinos featured on to see just what we are talking about!

Casino Slots – A Bit of History

Casino Slot Machines are most certainly not what they were a few decades ago. It is probably the game that has evolved the fastest out of all casino games and what it has evolved into is something extraordinary. Today there are various different types of Casino Slots and these are mainly Video Slots and Classic Slots.

Classic Slot Machines

The Classic mechanical slot machine was originally created over a century ago and featured symbols such as BARS, Cherries and 7’s, all of which are still featured on Online Classic Slot Machines today. Classic Slots only has three reels and one payline, remaining faithful to its ancestor. The mechanical parts have been replaced by computer chips and a glossy finish with superb graphics, however the fundamentals of the game remains the same.

Video Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines are limitless with what they provide players with. Just to give you an idea, we are talking hundreds of different variations, with different themes, bonus rounds, extras games, concepts, payouts, jackpots, styles, multiple reels and paylines, and the list goes on. The beauty of the Online Video Slot Machine is that apart from the entertainment it provides players with it is also one of the games that offer the biggest rewards.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive Online Slot Machines are basically Slot Machines at both online and land based casinos that are all linked to the same game, playing for the same jackpot. The jackpot amount also increases with each bet made by players, hence it being called a Progressive Jackpot. If you are looking for an opportunity to win really big, Play Casino Slots that offers Progressive Jackpots!

Casino Slot Rules & Strategies

We have created an Online Slots Strategy Guide and Online Slot Machines Rules Guide to teach players how to play slots with better returns. It might be hard to believe but there are strategies that can be applied to slots gaming that can help you lose less and win more.Another great way to first learn how the games work before you take them on is to Play Free Slots. It also gives players the opportunity to try out the various games until you find your perfect fit. We also feature a list of the most Popular Online Slots that is well worth checking out!The Slot Machine has stood the test of time and we’ve got a feeling that it is going to stick around for much longer. presents our readers with great reviews on Casino Slots along with everything there is to know about the latest releases as they happen.