Casino roulette has a certain sense of mystery attached to it that is intriguing and alluring. The game has featured in countless films, songs and novels in numerous forms, with a firm place in popular culture. It is a game of glamour and excitement that has attracted players to the experience for centuries. Play online casino roulette at any of the high rated casinos featured here at

The History of Roulette

The first form of roulette was invented in 18th century in France. Prior to that, Blaise Pascal developed a primitive form of roulette in the 17th century in his search for a perpetual motion machine. The game of roulette however has been played in its current form since 1796 in Paris. A French novel that was written in that year describes roulette, how the game works and looks, exactly as we know it today!

Roulette Variations

New age technology made it possible for this timeless game to be enjoyed at online casinos without it losing its flavor. In fact, the extra features and bonuses, unique variations, as well as the state-of-the-art graphics and audio are in itself a reason enough to play online casino roulette! There are many variations of roulette such as French roulette, American roulette, Roulette Royale – a progressive jackpot game – and European roulette. There are slight differences between the games, for instance, American roulette has an additional zero.

Software providers also have their own casino roulette creations where they’ve put a different spin on things. Premier roulette is a 3D game by Microgaming that has seriously raised the bar by far with its ingenuity! The game has numerous extra functions such as video zoom, adjustable speed setting and you can choose from 1 to 8 neighbours. The Roulette Professional series by Netent also offer games with extensive features like auto-play and betting patterns.

The Object of the Game

The object of casino roulette is to place bets on which number you predicts that the ball will land on. After placing a bet, the metal gets thrown onto the spinning wheel, and the outcome is determined once the wheel comes to a halt. The roulette wheel has a series of numbers running right around the edge with each number separated by a ridge. Each wedge in between the ridges represents odd or even numbers and is either red or black. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball will land in any of the slots on the wheel, revealing the outcome of the round. If you managed to guess correctly you will be paid out according to the pay-out table.

Strategies & Rules

Casino roulette is one of the more complicated casino games because of the fact that there are so many bets that players can make. The seemingly simple game can take years to truly perfect, although it is possible for players to keep it simple without getting too technical with the numerical specifics. You can however check out our online roulette strategy guide and online roulette rules guide if you want to take your gaming more seriously!

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