Casino patron robbed of Blackjack winnings

The Columbus police arrested a man on 8 January for robbing a casino winner hours after he won $38 500.

Local resident of Columbus, USA, found himself on a roll on 21 October last year when playing blackjack at a top casino in Columbus, Hollywood Casino.

After winning $38 500, Hayes reportedly decided to call it a night and cashed in his winnings for the entire amount in cash – 38 hundred dollar bills in total.

A few hours later, in the wee hours of the morning on 21 October 2012, Hayes was woken at gunpoint by three masked men, who he believed must have been watching him in the winnings liken at the casino and seen the address he wrote down for the cashier. The men took all the winnings, but did not harm Hayes.

After the incident, the casino responded that, like all land-based casinos, Hollywood Casino offers winners the choice between their winnings in cash or a written cheque.

Hayes told the police after the incident that he was not aware that he was able to receive his winnings in cheque form.

Nevertheless, Hayes has since gone back to the casino and enjoyed several more winnings, and says he bears his thieves no ill will.

Two of Hayes’ thieves are now in custody, after one was caught shortly after the crime. The third remains at large.