Casino craps is a game that can be easily identified at land based casinos as it draws a lot of attention with all the cheering on from excited spectators! Although this is experience is not present when playing at online casinos it remains a thrilling high-stakes game that is a lot of fun to play!

The History of Craps

The history of where craps originated from is somewhat of a debate. One thing that’s seems for certain though is that the predecessor is the English game called Hazard, which was a hugely popular game played in luxurious gambling houses during the middle ages in England. There is evidence however that the game was played during the Crusades around 1095 to 1291. Archeological findings also support the theory that it was played as far back as 6000 BC with primitive die made out of bones! Whatever the true origin, the game made its way to France where it was given the name “craps” and then later made its way to America, ending up in Louisiana – apparently…

Bank Craps & Street Craps

Craps is not an expensive game that requires any fancy paraphernalia and only a pair of die is needed to play. For this reason it is popularly played on the streets and informal settlements. Casino craps is the more formal version and is available at both online casinos and land-based casinos. To differentiate between the two, casino craps is referred to as “bank craps” and craps played informally on the streets is referred to as “street craps”.

Advantages of Playing Craps Online

With online casino craps players get to determine the speed of their game, and the time between bets can be longer, making the pressure less all around. It is also easier to track bets and no one is breathing down your neck to place a bet without you having a chance to consider it first. You can play from anywhere you please and the casino bonuses that online casinos offer are just an added extra. Play craps online at our top listed casinos to enjoy these benefits and many more.

Strategies & Rules

Upon first glance, online casino craps can be very intimidating when judging by the craps table with all of the different bets. Firstly, it looks worse than it really is as the table has a double layout, with both sides being a mirror image of the other, and this is simply to accommodate more players. The object of the game is really just to predict a winning outcome. The player places a bet, followed by throwing the die and then hoping for the desired result. It is important to have a good understanding of all the betting options and rules as well as how to apply some basic strategies to improve your game when you play online casino craps. covers all aspects on how to play craps successfully in our online craps strategy guide and online craps rules guide. Practice your strategy free table games section. features a list of top online casinos that offer casino craps as well as a quality gaming experience!