Bitcoin casino gives top USA online casinos a run for their money

Since bursting onto the online casino scene last year, new digital currency darkhorse BitCoin burst onto the online gambling scene with a new unit of currency for casinos to use, with amazing results.

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency not directly linked to any ‘hard’ currencies, thus doesn’t exist except online, and is gaining popularity with newer, minor online casinos.

These BitCoin-powered online casinos have since begun to give the best USA online casinos a run for their money with enormous profit margins for 2012 recently revealed.

For example SatoshiDice, the most well-known example of a new BitCoin-powered online casino game, reported 2012 profits of half a million dollars netted in just six months of existing online.

A fair portion of BitCoin’s appeal lies in the fact that transactions on the players’ parts are completely anonymous, therefore secure, and that unlike with recognised currencies, which need to be delivered to the player, BitCOins are immediately available to the player the instant they are earned.