releases Megadeth slot game Casino got serious rock n roll kudos when it launched its new game, a slot themed on the rock metal band Megadeth.

The Megadeth video slot, which debuted recently, keeps the theme rock-edge with sports symbols such as the Megadeth band members and the Megadeth mascot, Vic Rattlehead. The game is, of course, spun to the accompaniment of some of the band’s best-loved rock anthems, including Symphony of Destruction, Crusher and Hangar 18.

The Megadeth slot game also has a number of addictive features, from expanding Wilds and multi-level bonus features and free spin options to a reel-nudge feature, which ‘nudges’ half-appeared symbols up onto the reels to help on a winning combination.

The casino even has a competition linked to the game in which the winner receives a a Special Edition Guitar autographed by Megadeth front man, Dave Mustain.