America divided by the prospects of legalised online gambling

To many states within the Unites States of America, the subject of legalised online gambling is a touchy one at best.

The country stands divided with some states, such as New Jersey in favour of the legalisation whereas some states, Iowa for example, are firmly against the introduction of the various bills as they would, they fear, interfere with the state run lotteries, something that Iowa would rather see run online. Some states, most notably Nevada, have legalised online gambling, or rather they offer poker licenses to certain online gambling institutions so they may offer a variety of different poker games to their players and nothing else.

Even with a majority of the country being firmly against the legalisation of any gambling, a few know that the internet is the way forward, especially considering the hundreds of billions being spent on online gambling in 2012. Notable figures, both within the Senate, the Federal House of Representatives and industry bigwigs such as Donald Trump and Steve Wynn are all advocating for the legalisation of online gambling, especially with the rapidly rising importance of the internet.

Luckily for online casino enthusiasts, the various states within the country operate individually, so should, for example, New Jersey legalise online gambling and allow the casinos along the famous city’s boardwalk to open online version of their casinos, other people, from different states will be able to enjoy the benefits of online gambling as well.