100 Installations milestone reached by Bonus Craps

Bonus Craps, the popular version of casino table game classic, Craps, has just celebrated its 100th installation with a prominent casino games developer.
Galaxy Gaming announced their 100th installment of Bonus Craps in the first week of January this year.

Bonus Craps is an upgraded version of the beloved table game Baccarat, in which players must rolls the dice and make bets like passline bets and odd bets, and decisions to “Pass”, Don’t Pass”, “Come” or “Don’t Come”. Bonus Craps  ups the tempo by allowing players to make additional side bets to up both the stakes and the pot they are likely to win – up to 175 times more than their main bet’s wager amount.

Bonus Craps saw a 150% increase in installations throughout Las Vegas and beyond in the USA last year alone, and multiple casino operators have stated that the game is bound to only get more popular during 2013.