$1 billion Manila casino opening

On Saturday the Solitaire casino and resort will open in Manila in the Philippines – which cost $1 billion.

This is the first of four developments to go up in Manila Bay in order to transform Singapore into a global gambling hot spot. Altogether, the venture is cost roughly $4 billion.

The amount is staggering, especially considering the fact that this is more than half the amount generated by casinos in Singapore annually.

However, the new marvel’s creators are unworried, stating that Solitaire’s projecting revenues would bring the country’s gambling revenues up to over $6 billion in just 5 years – more than triple its current revenues.

The Solitaire is to be an extravagant and well-stocked casino, with rumours of staggering arrays for gamblers to choose from, including more than 1 000 slot machines and 300 gambling tables.